Jan 14, 2015

The Mirror of the Origin

The Krasnals, Whielki Krasnals „The Mirror of the Origin /  Looking for sence of Art / Boredom” Tribute to Gustave Courbet „Origin of the World”, Deborah de Robertis „Mirror of Origin”, The Krasnals ”Looking for Art Circulation”.

It’s not curators and critics who will tell what is art. It’s only artist who can decide about it!
Fuck the system! We look for Art!
Back to the origin of Art
Looking for free art outside the system
Looking for origin of Art
It’s impossible for system to create the Masterpiece!
System can only produce projects. It’s artist who is able to create a masterpiece!
Dziś sztuka – organizacja plus biznes plus polityka. Artysta – realizator projektu, nie twórca.
Looking for sense
Jerry Salz „Operating within rules isn’t art.”
Madness plus organization - Masterpiece.


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