Apr 8, 2010

CV The Krasnals

Polish art anonymous collective, the "black star" of the Polish art scene. We are mainly interested in contemporary art condition, art market system, artist’s ability to influence or manipulate, art’s dependences with economy, politics and social needs. We approach critically to these matters, and by putting regularly new paintings, texts on our English and Polish blog – we relate to art world’s events on regular basis.

The Krasnals - the anonymous group of artists. The Krasnals in Polish means THE DWARVES.
Sensitive to contemporary signs of the legacy of communism as well as to the phenomenon of corporationism in art and the art system, The Krasnals' work can be considered a continuation of critical art, which in 1990s focused on the exposing the mechanisms of consumer society.

The group actualizes the issue of revolution, poses a question of current need, possibility and meaning of revolution in art.
The group’s work mainly consists of painting, video, actions and word. It`s activity is of artistic, political and social importance, but mainly it concentrates on commenting current events, being a critique of the art market and the ideologies accompanying art production. The Krasnals employ the strategy of culture jamming. In a radical and ironic way they expose manipulation and hypocrisy: an artist, to make it in the so-called artworld or mainstream, sacrifices his/her independence and becomes a mouthpiece for catchy, conformist ideas and a creator of hot, easily marketable topics.

Joanna Mytkowska, the director of Warsaw MoMa speaks about The Krasnals paintings:
"Perhaps the lack of pathos, not emphasizes the uniqueness of the time, but they were able to capture the spirit of freedom and rebellion, which is also part of that history. It is understandable to Western audiences and for the younger generation."

Main events from April 2008:

April/May - Christie's provocation with the painting of Whielki Krasnal “Untitled (Group of Monkeys with White Bananas)”. 2004. Oil on canvas. 50 x 50 cm; which was estimated (by mistake, or just automatically) at 70.000 GBP
June - The Krasnals were present at The 5th Berlin Biennale, where they provoked viewers and curator Adam Szymczyk to take part at the performance.
August - Whielki Krasnal was invited to Beijing in China to take part at the exhibition 'Olympic Fine Arts 2008'. The Krasnals went to Beijing to get their own impression over the ambiguity of Olympic Games. They fulfilled the series of works over this subject. Besides they started there to work over the projects touching the ‘China – Poland relations’, as well as other referring to the increasing role of China in contemporary art, culture, economy, etc.
_ The Krasnals in Kislovodsk – realization of the project referring to the death of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Soviet consequences in Russian social life. The Krasnals talked with and painted former communistic activists, who fulfilled themselves in the field of culture.
- The Krasnals present In Georgia - realization of the project referring to the Russian – Georgian conflict – “Wow! How beautiful is here!”. They found the place and recorded the video where life went on quietly and leisurely, as if there was nothing happened just around the corner. But people’s peace was rather delusory, and all the drama was hidden on their faces.
For the first time The Krasnals gave their painting for the biggest art charity auction in Poland, unexpectedly it was bid for the highest price, higher than already established big names. The charity auctions are important point in their activity. They gave another paintings in January and March 2009. These paintings are painted specially for the auctions aim and refer to children subjects.

“Revolutions not for cretins” - first exhibition of The Krasnals in internet in Polish version. It is shown on the blog http://revolution-thekrasnals.blogspot.com/ in the form of ‘authentic’ diary of 24 days of creation of the group of 10 artists. The main subject ‘revolution’ becomes the motif for exploring meanings of Jacques Lacan and Slavoj Zizek; proposes reflections over art in contemporary, and commercial context.
The Krasnals represent Poland at the Festival “Europe XXL” in Lille, France, with their project “Last Supper” referring to art market and contemporary artist’s dependences.
Video presentation at Art Cologne on the invitation of Vernissage TV
- Alternative Participation at the Festival Urban Legends in Poznan – performance „District of tolerance”
- Action against placing the minaret in Poznan, by Joanna Rajkowska
Launch a series of kitsch-pop-art as a tribute to Michael Jackson and in relation to "Inglorious Bastards" by Quentin Tarantino.
Training in the Far East (Himalaya) - a practice directed toward the discovery of the substance of the problems of Polish art
Congress of Polish Culture - The Krasnals open letter - a protest to the open letter against the commercialization of art (as the authors of that letter are the most hypocritical cultivators of commerce)
Participation in the exhibition "Brand New Art" in Cracow in the Art World Corporation. The project "Art Korpomitacja"
Nominated to Polityka Passports (Polish culture award of Polityka weekly)
The first exhibition in Poland of The Krasnals "Last Supper - Brothers In Arms 2009" - SKWER - Reed Factory Art Center, Warsaw
- Gala of Polityka Passports Award in Warsaw – The Krasnals muzzled, boycott of an award for Pawel Althamer as a „Creator of Culture. Establishing the award of The Krasnals "Golden Dick" and rewarding Paul Althamer with the first statue.
- The virtual edition
of Passports of The Krasnals - everyone can have one.
- "Who passed the
exams of The Krasnals?" first in the history of art official criticism of critics made by artists.
- Begining of painting a large painting.
- The first major publication
with the analysis of The Krasnals work by Piotr Bernatowicz in Arteon magazine.
- Award for the Year 2009 - statue of O.pl Web portal
- Exhibition with video presentation "La Grande Bouffe" in Cafe Miesna, Poznan

- 13 edition of Walpapier - street wall weekly in Cracow

- part in the exhibition "The End", Zbiornik Kultury, Cracow
- CAA Toruń - open protest - a boycott against the boycott of artists and curators to select Pawel Lubowski the director of this institution.

24 July - 19 September 2010
The Krasnals Participation in the exhibition "I could live in Africa", Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

11 September - 10 October
- The Super Group Krasnals at the Mediations Biennale 2010 in Poznan, at the invitation of the Japanese curator Tsutomu Mizusawa. Solo exhibition TWO YEARS OF STRUGGLE at Galeria Szyperska, Poznań. Curator shed light on the situation in which he discovered that our position in the Polish art world and negative attitude of the majority of the representatives of the mainstream, are a key example and an essential link for the overall design concept of the exhibition. He suggested that we prepare a big presentation as a separate exhibition at the Gallery Szyperska, and the whole concept of care has a curator Ewelina Jarosz. The exhibition's title "Two years of struggle" describes our current point where we are, as we fight for the abolition of barriers and creating equal opportunities for all artists - from the BEYOND position.The intention of the Japanese curator of the title “Beyond” is intended to mean that only art can bridge gaps that exist between people. Because sometimes the gaps may reach too far to be mediated by any means. Our case shows that such gaps also exist in the art, among the builders, the initiators of the construction of bridges.
- September 11 - performance and statement and fundamental question of burial - at the anniversary of WTC terrorist attack. Galeria Szyperska, Poznań, Poland.
4 November 2010 - 21 January 2011
“WHERE IS the DWARF” operation during the exhibition "The Year We Made Contact /" Red Dwarf"(2010) Piotr Uklański; Art Station Foundation, Poznan

„150 Monkeys” – The Krasnals show At Art Agenda Nova, Cracow
- The Krasnals & Magdalena Abakanowicz installation "Unrecognized: 1940 Katyn / 10 April 2010 Smolensk", Citadel Poznań
- Performance „Szymborska is Cool” as the answer to Jenny Holzer project in Poznan. Thousand of controversial leaflets about Szymborska’s poetry were thrown in the park.
“The Krasnale at 54th Venice Biennale 2011 / Pole lifting Meteorite from Pope. 21:37” – Museums Night – Art Center Impart, Wroclaw.
54th Venice Biennale:
- launching new The Krasnals Art Magazine “ART Police Gazette”
- para pavilion The Kingdom of The Krasnals and Manifesto of “The Dwarves Renaissance Movement in the Fast-Fuck Art World”
- 7 days happening at Giardini and Arsenal “MAKE LOVE NOT ART” – pink festival revolution
- Performance in front of American Pavilion at Giardini “ART IS EXPENSIVE LOVE IS PRICELESS”
- Diversionary action of closing Polish pavilion with chains and hanging on Arsenal bridge The Krasnals banner Pole lifting Meteorite from Pope. 21:37 as the Polish representation at Venice Biennale. It was the protest against the domination of the left political organization Krytyka Polityczna at the Polish art world. They managed to take over all main art events and all art grants in Poland, also representation at 54th Venice Biennale. Israeli artist Yael Bartana that represents Poland in Venice in 2011 is also one of the official editors of Krytyka Polityczna publishing house.
Art Boom Festival In Cracow – rejection of The Krasnals project for mural by the newly appointed and corrupted art commission from the left wing organization Krytyka Polityczna.
"CRY/LAUGH WALL " street art action against Krytyka Polityczna, that appropriates Polish art field to make their unclear political business. The Old Gasworks, Poznan.
„I can’t give you too much…” – alternative movie showing pig with a cut head, promoting Polish Presidency in European Union in 2011.
August – October
„Design for Freedom - Freedom in Design” Exhibition. Graphic Design in Poland 1981-2011 is a presentation of the design of the last 30 years, during the system transformation in Poland covering the period from socialism to post capitalism. Berlin, Tokyo
Boycott of the European Culture Congress in Wrocław (in the Year of Polish Presidency In EU).
- Social Sculpture of The Krasnals COMMON TASK/RETURN OF JEDI
- Opposition program Frickster with Polish cult opposition movement from communistic times Orange Alternative
- Receiving Grand Prix “The Dwarf of Orange Alternative” – the award for the artists that continue fighting with absurdities of our Times.
- 0% FOR CULTURE - The Krasnals statement in connection with the debate over the Orange Alternative and continuation of its ideas in the modern world - 29.09.2011 Cracow
- Participation at the exhibition organized by Anda Rottenberg "Polen – Deutschland: 1000 Jahre Kunst und Geschichte", Berlin – The Krasnals comment to the exhibition.
- "Z daleka widok jest piękny" - The Krasnals wygrywają "polską kategorię" Nowych Horyzontów. Furorę w kinie światowym robią filmy ukazujące Polskę w negatywnym świetle.
Sasnala film o beznadziei i brudzie polskiej wsi, The Krasnal brutalnie realistyczny film o polskim światku sztuki.
- udział w wystawie„THYMÓS. Sztuka gniewu 1900 – 2011” – CSW Toruń
- 2 edycja wystawy „Nowe tendencje w malarstwie polskim”, Galeria Miejska Bydgoszcz
- Współudział w wystawie "Pomarańczowa Alternatywa. Rewolucja Krasnali", Centrum 59 Rivoli, Paryż

- ocenzurowanie wystawy The Krasnals na Akademii Sztuki w Szczecinie, prowodyrem cenzury byli artyści, z Kamilem Kuskowskim na czele
- "Common Task - The Krasnals dla Poznania" - akcja sprzeciwu grupy The Krasnals wobec polityki władz miasta Poznania, która ma na celu zunicestwienie kultury w naszym mieście. Happening odbył się podczas wernisażu wystaw "Sztuka Poznania 1986 - 2011" oraz "Duch sztuki poznańskiej około 2012" w Arsenale Poznańskim
- akcja „Nie dla agresywnych Poznańskich Koziołków”, happening przy rzeźbie Koziołków na Placu Kolegiackim w Poznaniu
- 10 Kwietnia z okazji II Rocznicy Katastrofy Smoleńskiej kontrowersyjna sesja zdjęciowa - „Jesus Loves You” – nawiązująca do sprawy Krzyża. Na styropianowym różowym krzyżu została ukazana półnaga kobieta jako hipiska paląca papierosy. 

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