Jan 8, 2015


There is no such a thing as tolerance. But the problem is in the balance of powers. We are witnessing the confusion of ideas. Tolerance is a sign of weakness and helplessness of a society. Tolerance is an artificial creation replacing genuine respect. All parties should be aware of their strength, their value and should nurture them. If someone talks about tolerance, it means he is weak. Balance of power is a condition of mutual respect. That makes the economic and cultural exchange possible, as well as exchanging experiences, while preserving the rights and rules of the host.

On humanitarian level, we are all human beings, and respect should be directed to everyone. However, it occurs only when a person is aware of its strength, aware of its dignity and value. If he demonstrates his low self-esteem, gives the impression to an opponent / partner about his weaknesses, the impression of allowance for abusing, for referring disrespectfully to someone who is not worthy, but weak opponent (partner). If the other party gets a signal that the partner is strong, stable, then treats him seriously. And not like how it is now - as a weakling, a coward and a fool that can be pushed around, and laughed at.

The biggest mistake is what is happening now - tolerance to extremely intolerant groups, conservative and homophobic. You cannot show weakness by practicing non-stop self-criticism, eg. of your religion, culture, and tolerating and increasing the value of your opponent in the same categories.

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