Dec 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

The Krasnals

Whielki Krasnal „Disabled Santa Claus ‘dridving’ with the sack full of gifts / from the Great Poles series”. 2008. Oil on canvas. 53 x 73 cm

Dec 2, 2008

The Krasnals confuse Polish art market – the record on the charity auction!

Despite the big concurrence at the charity auction ‘Wielkie Serce’ on 22nd of November, which offered established names like Magdalena Abakanowicz, Edward Dwurnik, Jerzy Nowosielski, Marcin Maciejowski, Jadwiga Sawicka; the most expensively sold painting was created by Whielki Krasnal “300 miles to Heaven", it was bid on 31 000 PLN (about 7800 EUR).

Polish art world still can’t believe that fresh debutants (we run our activity from April 2008) with no exhibition in their CV, could gain such a success and become so present in peoples art consciousness, although all the critics tried not make any noise about them.

‘Who is the artist hidden by the name ‘Whielki Krasnal’’ – asked the participants of the auction. Some of them suspected it could be Wilhelm Sasnal, but organizers didn’t confirm that.

The hot controversy is fresh on the main Polish art blogs:

The art critic Jakub Banasiak quickly writes the article where he tries to prove that The Krasnals are no valuable artists using only vulgarism and invectives:

Iza Kowalczyk answers with a long text on her blog “Krasnals, Krytykant and the crisis of Left:

About the looser Whielki Krasnal:

and about ‘Big Success’ on Arteon by Piotr Bernatowicz:

Nov 30, 2008

Welcome to the Paradise

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 14)
1-12 December 2008 , Poznań, Poland

The Governor of California - Arnold Schwarzenegger - is the kind of real hero, prince present at the conference in Poznan. The event is like the fairy tale for this not so known city and Arnold is its hope and the main symbol. Apart the ecology problems this is a wonderful chance for promotion of Poznan.

Krasnal Bansky „Welcome to the Paradise / Arnold Schwarzenegger / The United Nations Climate Change Conference 2008 / from the series Great Poles”. 2008. Akcrylic on canvas. 60 x 90 cm

We don't know if there will be some crucial results after this summit, but we appeal the fight for economy development and protection of own interests not dominate over the main aim which is the protection of our planet!

Laureates of Nobel Peace Prize present at the conference are the world’s peace symbols – peace that can be easily disturbed by climate changes. Water shortages, disappearing of lands under the water, limiting the surface of cultivation land, potential conflict arising from the Arctic thawing which will see countries having an interest making territorial claims – all these aspects profoundly impact international security and can provoke humanitarian disasters or wars.

“The most appropriate way of viewing climate change is as a threat multiplier: it aggravates the stresses and strains within and between countries. Climate change threatens to overburden those countries and regions that are already fragile and conflict-prone. The critical variable is governance. How governments will respond to the impacts of climate change depends on how well they resolve conflicts today. “Javier Solana

Just to continue this thought, Beijing has postponed a European Union-China summit following the European leaders' contacts with the Tibetan leader, the Dalai Lama. China is against meeting Nicolas Sarkozy with Dalai Lama on 6th December in Gdansk in Poland, on the occasion of 25th anniversary of awarding the Peace Nobel Prize for Lech Wałęsa.

Whielki Krasnal „We want to love the World: We love EU (Nicolas Sarkozy), We want to love China (Wen Jiabao), Nature is the answer (Dalai Lama) / The United Nations Climate Change Conference 2008 / from the series Great Poles”. 2008. Oil on canvas. Triptych: 60 x 50 cm, 60 x 50 cm, 50 x 70 cm

We ask the questions:

Will Brazil, China and India take the initiative and join the international talks about the climate? What position will the USA take in the situation of recession?
What rules will oblige after 2012? Will the emissions be reduces by 50% by 2050?

Whielki Krasnal „USA…? / Al Gore / The United Nations Climate Change Conference 2008 / from the series Great Poles”. 2008. Oil on canvas. 46 x 55 cm

Krasnal Hałabała “Let always there will be a sun / Wangari Maathai / The United Nations Climate Change Conference 2008 / from the series Great Poles”. 2008. Oil on canvas. 60 x 50 cm

Krasnal Hałabała “So I’m Arnold / Lech Wałęsa / The United Nations Climate Change Conference 2008 / from the series Great Poles”. 2008. Oil on canvas 50 x 70 cm

‘Welcome to the Paradise’

'Superman for Earth' 3/93

Nov 17, 2008

Painting of Whielki Krasnal at the charity auction in Cracow

Whielki Krasnal "300 miles to Heaven". 2008. Oil on canvas. 100 x 150

Just on Saturday there will be the auction 'Wielkie Serce' (Big Heart), where the painting of Whielki Krasnal '300 miles to Heaven' will be offered.
It is exhibited already at the Manggha Museum in Cracow.

For the first time in Poland the painting created by The Krasnals will be shown for the public.

The auction will take place on 22nd of November at 5pm

led by Andrzej Starmach
Guest of the evening - the actress Anna Dymna

We declare, that the charity activity for children will be the permanent one led by The Krasnals. As the 'Krasnals' - gnomes - we naturally take care about the children.
Paintings destined for the auctions will concern the subject connected with children.

'300 miles to Heaven' comes from the Polish movie which is the shocking story of two boys living in communistic reality before 1989. The story is based on facts. Brothers decide to run away from Poland to Sweden, to better world. They hide below the track.
This is the picture of great desire, but the price is high - they became separated from their parents.
At the other hand this is the symbol of real revolution, risk, taken by children.

More info about the auction:
at the site of the association Wielkie Serce:

Auction's catalogue at the�)obj=1

Oct 24, 2008

I just need the light of Love here!!!

These photos refer to the opening of the exhibition of Yoko Ono in Warsaw CCA in September 2008, her performance 'Onochord' with flashlights and the art work 'My Mummy was beautiful'.
This event elicited among us different reflections. One concerns Love directed to neighbours, the second one brings the feministic accent to our krasnals society.

At the opening the light of love sent by Yoko Ono didn't get to the place that I needed it. Fortunately I took it home with me.
I am a mother, after my 30s, I like sex and as most women I need it. But I feel some imbalance in treating or presenting us as mechanical objects. Some parts of the body if they appear publicly, they are shown like sexual objects of desire, or opposite - without respect, in vulgar way. And I need just adoration; our genitals need the same love - also spiritual - as our souls and hearts.

Sleeping Beauty “I am a beautiful Mummy! – I love you my pussy!”. 2008. Photography / frame from the private performance in front of the mirror.

Sleeping Beauty “I am a beautiful Mummy! – I love you my pussy!”. 2008. Photography / frame from the private performance in front of the mirror.

Yoko Ono - I love you / Catholic voice at your home

The message "I love you" sent by Yoko Ono at her opening in Warsaw in September, as well as other spiritual suggestions, were just repetition from the hippie times, with no power today. They rather would be situated in the context of Polish Catholic fanaticism represented by its leader father Rydzyk. Yoko Yono keeps the fleshlight and sends the light to the public as to the worshippers of father Rydzyk.

Whielki Krasnal „Must kill this Love / Great Poles – Yoko Ono”. 2008. Oil on canvas. 114 x 130 cm

Krasnal Hałabała „I love you / Catholic voice at your home / Great Poles – father Rydzyk plus cattle”. 2008. Acrylic on canvas. 50 x 70 cm

Polish girls prefer French guys

Krasnal Hałabała "Serve the People / Ryszard Kalisz / Great Poles". 2008. Acrylic on canvas. 55 x 45 cm

Krasnal Hałabała "Polish girls prefer French guys / Jean Reno / Great Poles". 2008. Acrylic, oil on canvas. 45 x 55 cm

Krasnal with Slavoj Zizek in Miami

Whielki Krasnal was invited by Artoconecto and Bakehouse Arts Complex to take part in the exhibition A-B(o)MB - Art Basel (of) Miami Beach pre-Basel Showcase @ Bakehouse Arts Complex.
There is presented at the exhibition the portrait of one of the most popular philosophers among contemporary artists - Slavoj Zizek. At the painting he formulates one of his famous statements.

more info:

Whielki Krasnal "Slavoy Žižek / Great Poles”. 2008. Oil on canvas. 66 x 81 cm

One of the significant statements of Zizek concerns the role of excrements in art world and replacing by them the masterpieces of art.

Whielki Krasnal „How much is worth the shit of Sasnal?” 2008. Oil on canvas. 50 x 50 cm

Whielki Krasnal „Brain wash”. 2008. Oil on canvas. 100 x 73 cm

Oct 6, 2008

Maria Peszek

Polish new music star Maria Peszek, provokes and enchants the audience.

Whielki Krasnal "Maria Awaria / Great Poles, Maria Peszek". 2008. Oil on canvas. 92 x 73 cm

additional titles translated from Polish songs of the artist:
"Lick me lick me, I'm Polish"
"I have a pussy"
"I have no time for sex"
"Fuck you city"
"Teddy bear"

Sep 27, 2008

Barack Obama – it’s too early for a black president!

We decided not to stay away from the topic and we painted Obama, even twice! There are rather two versions - ‘whitening’ and ‘beautifying’ the candidate for the American president.

Krasnal Bansky "I am White / Barack Obama". 2008. Oil on canvas. 70 x 60 cm

Whielki Krasnal "I'm White / Barack Obama". 2008. Oil on canvas. 30 x 22 cm

The Polish journalist wrote from Washington in a ‘Rzeczpospolita’ daily newspaper on the 22 of Sept, that ‘it’s too early for a black president’ in United States. ‘Racist prejudice of the part of white electors can finish Obama, according to new surveys.’
Let’s hope the racist state of opinion will not dominate the elections.
Good Luck!
The Krasnals support Obama!

Daily reporting on the world of Barack Obama artwork, prints and auctions:

Group sex with Angela Merkel

The German town of Bodman-Ludwigshafen in the far south of Germany isn't exactly a hot tourist attraction. But lately it has been a magnet for tourists armed with cameras and camcorders. The sudden fame is due to a controversial tryptich at the center of town - a work by the German sculpture, Peter Lenk.

The sculpture is called "group-sex relief" and features prominent politicians and corporate players in various states of undress and completely nude. One panel stars German Chancellor Angela Merkel and former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder laughing and grabbing each others private parts.

In a ‘Wprost’ weekly (on 21 of Sept) they ask; where are the boundaries of satire and the freedom of the artistic statement?
‘There are no boundaries – German politics said unanimously.’
Meanwhile, not so far from Germany, polish art critics are indignant with The Krasnals drawings.
What a difference just a border makes…

Whielki Krasnal "Go on Wili". 2008. Markers on paper
(on the drawing: Slavoj Zizek, Kuba Banasiak, Slawomir Sierakowski, Wilhelm Sasnal)

Sep 26, 2008

The Animal Pyramid

Whielki Krasnal "The Animal Pyramid / based on the work of Katarzyna Kozyra". 2008. Oil on canvas. 92 x 65 cm

Sep 23, 2008

"We love The Krasnals"

Gorilla Magazine about the Krasnals and Homo Sovieticus:

Sep 20, 2008

Concrete brain of Homo Sovieticus

Whielki Krasnals "Concrete brain of Homo Sovieticus / based on the work of Monika Sosnowska". 2008. Oil on canvas. 90 x 100 cm

Recent activity of the Polish artist Monika Sosnowska inspired us for reflections about Homo Sovieticus.
The artist, who succeeded in the Venice Biennale 2007 and has just her show in Schaulager in Basel, contributed to rising one of the most aggressive fractions of commerce in Polish contemporary art. She uses our sad history and grey PRL (previous socialistic system) past refering to socmodern aesthetics only for career and money reasons.
For western art institutions this is just attractive and exotic because they didn't experience that reality. And for us this is socialistic kitch.

Whielki Krasnal "Concrete mask of socmodern Polish contemporary art/ from the Great Poles series / Monika Sosnowska". 2008. Oil on canvas. 50 x 60 cm

From Wikipedia:
"Homo Sovieticus (pseudo Latin for "Soviet Man (human)") is a sarcastic and critical reference to a category of people with a specific mindset that were allegedly created by the governments of the Soviet bloc. The term was coined by well-known Soviet writer and sociologist Aleksandr Zinovyev as the title of his book of the same name. [1] A similar term in Russian slang is sovok (Совок), which is derived from Soviet but also means scoop.

The idea that the Soviet system would create a new, better kind of person was first postulated by the advocates of the Soviet system; they called it the "New Soviet man". Homo Sovieticus, however, was a term with negative connotations, invented by opponents to describe what they said was the real result of Soviet policies. In many ways it meant the opposite of the New Soviet man, someone characterized by the following:
Indifference to the results of his labor (as expressed in the saying "They pretend they are paying us, and we pretend we are working"), and lack of initiative.
Indifference to common property and petty theft from the workplace, both for personal use and for profit. A line from a popular song, "Everything belongs to kolkhoz, everything belongs to me" ("все теперь колхозное, все теперь мое"), meaning that people on collective farms treasured all common property as their own, was sometimes used ironically to refer to instances of petty theft. The Law of Spikelets, which made stealing from the collective punishable by ten years’ imprisonment, was a failed attempt to break this attitude.
Isolation from world culture, created by the Soviet Union's restrictions on travel abroad and strict censorship of information in the media (as well as the abundance of propaganda). The intent was to insulate the Soviet people from Western influence; instead, "exotic" Western culture became more interesting precisely because it was forbidden. Soviet officials called this fascination "Western idolatry" (идолопоклонничество перед Западом).
Obedience or passive acceptance of everything that government imposes on them (see authoritarianism). Avoidance of taking any individual responsibility on anything."

Sep 14, 2008

Wow! How NICELY is here / Georgia 2008

Whielki Krasnal "Wow! How NICELY is here! / Georgia 2008". 2008. Oil on canvas. 40 x 55 cm

Based on the frame from the video "Wow! How NICELY is here! / Georgia 2008" realized by The Krasnals in September 2008 by The Krasnals in Georgia.
We all watch the hot news about Georgia. Polish position is defined.
For us the situation in Georgia is particularly close. In September 2008
we realized the video which was the inspiration for the painting of
Whielki Krasnal "Wow! How NICELY is here! / Georgia 2008". We can't see
there bloody victims of the attack of Russian tanks. However in the
overtone and in the context of all the news about this difficult, tensed
up situation, the tragedy is present.


Sep 13, 2008

Przemysław Gosiewski

Krasnal Halabala "Great Poles/Przemysław Gosiewski - adin, dwa, tri...". 2008. Acrylics on hardboard. 55 x 46 cm
Member of the Polish right party PIS

Sep 10, 2008

Zbigniew Brzezinski - Out of control

Zbigniew Brzezinski, from the interview in The Huffington Post on 10.08.2008: "Fundamentally at stake is what kind of role Russia will play in the new international system. Unfortunately, Putin is putting Russia on a course that is ominously similar to Stalin's and Hitler's in the late 1930s. Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt has correctly drawn an analogy between Putin's "justification" for dismembering Georgia -- because of the Russians in South Ossetia -- to Hitler's tactics vis a vis Czechoslovakia to "free" the Sudeten Deutsch."

Krasnal Bansky. “USA – Poland – Russia - Out of control / Zbigniew Brzezinski”. 2008. Akrylic, stencil on canvas. 70 x 60 cm

Sep 3, 2008

Whielki Krasnal’s painting – from the exhibition Olympic Fine Arts 2008 to the museum in Beijing

Painting exhibited:
Whielki Krasnal “Propulsion”. 2008. Oil on canvas. 120 x 160 cm

Whielki Krasnal was invited by International Olympic Committee, Chinese Ministry of Culture and the Organizing Committee for the Olympic Fine Arts 2008 to take part at the exhibition Olympic Fine Arts 2008. As the only one he represented Poland.
The formal exhibition opened in Beijing on August 11 Li Changchun; member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee Political Bureau, Jacques Rogge, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) president and Juan Antonio Samaranch, the IOC honorary president, attended the opening ceremony in the China International Exhibition Center.

The artist received official letter with acknowledgement from the chairman of Olympic Fine Arts - He Zhen Liang, certificate, Olympic Torch from Torino 2006, designed by Pininfarina – designer of Ferrari. Whielki Krasnal is one of the few artists that supported Olympic Games.

The artist presented the painting “Propulsion”, which is the travesty of Rodchenko’s work for Russian Car. He believed in strict connection with the strong body and healthy spirit. The concept is based on avant-garde tradition in which the power of development, strength and futuristic ideas were the most valuable.

The exhibition will last till the end of September, at the International Exhibition Center in Beijing.
After that it will be shown in Switzerland, Greece, United States, and finally situated at the new Museum for Olympic Fine Arts at the Forbidden City.

Aug 28, 2008

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn - Krasnal Bansky in Kislovodsk

Krasnal Bansky. „ГУЛАГ Щ - 202 / Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.” 2008. Oil on canvas. 45 x 54 cm

After the death of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Krasnal Bansky goes to Kislovodsk, the city where the writer was born. He found there the people who remember times of Stalinism and were its committed activists. The artist referred to the times and role they played then and painted their socrealistic portraits. There are representatives of culture sphere on the paintings – two families who till now profess Stalin, they were supporting grand communistic ideas with passion.

Krasnal Bansky. „Painter and writer. Socrealistic portrait of the family Nadhezda and Grigorij Fedoseevi / Kislovodsk”. 2008. Oil on cardboard. 70 x 100 cm (diptych)

Krasnal Bansky. „Painter and writer. Socrealistic portrait of the family Olga and Alieksieij Prokoffievi / Kislovodsk”. 2008. Oil on cardboard. 70 x 100 cm (diptych)

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn „Russia under Avalanche (Россия в обвале,1998; political pamphlet) – fragment translated by The Krasnals:
“In 20s and 30s thousands of new Soviet intellects were strongly connected with communism and engaged In working In its machinery, mainly In propaganda. They were engaged in writing books, creating muddling songs and movies about the nation; painting huge socrealistic paintings.”

Analogy to our times:
- Great ideologist of new left tendencies - Slavoy Zizek
- Great, eager for Power Polish agitator - Sławomir Sierakowski
- Polish performer of propagandistic paintings, distinguished national artist – Wilhelm Sasnal (the director of the Polish National Gallery Zachęta Agnieszka Morawińska pronounced that this is each Polish citizen’s duty to see his exhibition)
- Great Polish left publishing house - Krytyka Polityczna

Currently in Romania over 30 % of students pronounce for the return of communistic dictatorship. In spite of they didn’t experience it by themselves, they are convinced that the education was on the higher level, life was easier and better, people had better quality of life.
Young people listen to the fantastic theories of the top philosophers like Slavoy Zizek, who produces tones of books as it was for party’s order. It’s a shame that Poland gives place and possibilities for the continuators of the so hated period.

Solzhenitsyn In 1945 was exiled and tortured on Soviet concentration camp by his kind of people, wearing just different kinds of cloths. Contemporary valets of communistic power are the same ruthless and aggressive, they just work In different field.
Nowadays agitators exactly like In past destroy contemporary intelligence, repress the talent, promote the propaganda on the big scale. But this time it’s covered by art market mechanisms and influential art institutions.

Aug 10, 2008

Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, for common people

On 9th and 10th August we could see in all Chinese media only glorious articles of big Opening Ceremony of Olympics. It would be everything perfect if we didn't experience on ourselves something else.
The croud of enthusiastic people waiting nearby the great mall, in front of big telebim was waiting for 4 hours for the opening at 8. Euphory was acompanied by Chinese national colours, flag stamps and stickers, animators were warming the atmosphere for common fun. But the screen of the telebim was black before 8 and it stayed black after. Nobody responded on people's screaming "switch on the screen!!!".
At 8.08 we could see from the distance traces of light comming from the Bird's Nest... Everybody disappoinded moved calmly towards the street do see from behind the trees small frames of fireworks.
People frustrated, but disciplined, gathered in 5 minutes all garbage and newspapers they were sitting on. After a while they left the place and moved to their houses. At least there was not so big traffic jam when the Opening Ceremony finished and the official spectators were leaving the Bird's Nest. Maybe that was the concept?

Aug 8, 2008

"Viva Beijing Olympic Games 2008!"

Art shouldn't be valued depending on propaganda it supports.

Art and media world generally stands against China – the country which organizing Olympic – symbol of peace and friendship – doesn’t respect basic human rights. The matter of ‘Tibet – China’ is treated by viewers from outside similarly like ‘Kosovo – Serbia’. It’s just comfortable to show the problem clearly, black and white.
Propaganda is the kind of incredibly strong advertisement, which uses art to its aims. Sometimes artists to make their art concepts more attractive, choose the subjects referring to this or that propaganda. But are they really creating masterpieces, because they run on proper politics?
Thinking about this question, Krasnal Bansky made the painting in the convention of Olympic propaganda, in kitsch aesthetics, pathetic and idealizing. Famous Chinese actress Zhao Wei runs with the Olympic torch. It occurs that artisticly it doesn’t stand far from works disapproving Olympics, using primitive symbols as chains, barbed wire or handcuffs. But concerning proper politics, these works are estimated as more valuable. But actually they have the same level as artworks using peace pigeons, Olympic torches or five circles.

Continuing the subject of propaganda, the times that it used its power have passed and now it can’t be as strong and influential as years ago. Besides, China passes by gigantic revolution which demands at least few dozens of years. For example western kind of legislative system was pioneered in big scale just between 70s and 80s.

Different kinds of propaganda function in politics and art, but art value actually doesn’t depend on the fact what kind of propaganda supports. Just compare the pictures attached.

Jul 27, 2008

Viva Beijing Olympic Games 2008 !!!

„Impossible is nothing”
Against opponents to the Olympics.

The fashionable topic, where artists manifests their opposition to the Olympics, is most often taken up mindlessly, flat, only because it'is hot news. The bodies surrounded with chains, Olympic rings on fire, made of barbed wires or as handcuffs, are trivial and not very ambitious artistic proposal. It becomes the same banal as colorful rings symbolizing 5 continents living in peace.

„Impossible is nothing” - we are watching lofty sports commercials in the streets of Beijing. Next to it, the banners with the inscription: „Poznań stawia na sport” („Poznań wagers on sports”) are turning up.
Poznan is one of the cities in Poland, where the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship will take place. The local advertising slogan, written In Polish, is turning up at places, which support the issue of beeing fit, or in main, strategic city points.
According to advertisements - Poznań city is supporting Olympics, uniting with Chineses in a sport spirit, following the next this year's Olympic motto „One world, one dream”.

Our action following the occurrences connected to sport in the Beijing took place on the 14 – 22 of July.

All slogans mentioned above have their practical accomplishment in the form of Beijing crowds, who with the passion train in parks tai chi, dances, aerobics.
We observed, as every morning from the dawn till the noon and durring the evening on squares in front of the forbidden city, museums, or in parks, inhabitants are dancing, practising the aerobics, playing badminton, exercising or even they walk back to front.
A normal view is when one of the pensioners, who is talking to friends, at one of the town's high streets, is keeping her leg leaned on the parapet to the level of chest.
We can meet also an old man, climbing with a grin to the next point on The Great Wall.

Chineses are a model of caring for the fitness. They aren't fat, their spines are straight and joints working till old age.
Irrespective of the economic status of each of them, their quality of life is definitely growing because of beeing fit.
The tradition of the Confucian culture with Taoist make them easy to adapt to conditions. They are enyoing everyday life and they find themselves easy in opened strongly developed social relationships.

The list of their interests, apart from sport, is long. In parks we also met groups of people practising singing just for pleasure, playing on traditional instruments, playing cards, practising Chinese calligraphy on asphalt with wetted in the water brush.

There is everything available for everyone for free. That's the result of good intentions and the initiative of participants.

Suprisingly, there is no need for alcohol to be drunk durring the evening public parties and discos.

'One world – one dream'… The satisfaction and pride are dominating on the faces, taking photo with Olympic mascots, in front of the portrait of Mao on the Tienanmen square.

As the silly season has last, we are attaching series of photos to documentation of our artistic action from China.