Dec 17, 2009

Success at the auction and opening of the exhibition of The Krasnals

Warsaw, 16th December, SKWER Art Center

We know that some of you wanted to meet us at the opening, chat, contact, etc. Our team at this time, however, was far away, and during our event we were replaced by about 30 temporary DWARVES in black. A lot of people came, around 300, the dwarves were signing autographs and conducted various talks about art, even before the TV cameras. Using this occasion we want to thank all the Dwarves being present at the opening, we hope that you were playing well and you had a cool event and funny evening.

Success, especially for children from Helenów, was also the charity auction of our three paintings that were sold during the vernissage.
Here are the results:
"Play with me ..." - 9.500 zł (Krasnal Hałabała 2 "Would you play with me? / Kaczynski, Tusk / from the cycle Great Poles and carefree childhood. 2009. Acrylic, charcoal on canvas. 60 x 90 cm)
"Linnaeus' - 4.500 zł (The Krasnals. Whielki Krasnal "Linnaeus / from the Animal Planet series". 2009. Oil on canvas. 33 x 40 cm)
"Michael Jackson" - 14.500 zł (The Krasnals. Whielki Krasnal "Michael Jackson - Love Is Here ". 2009. Acrylic, mixed media on canvas. 270 x 120 cm)

Total 28.500, plus 331 zł the-box.

In conclusion, our charity year, starting with "300 Miles to Heaven" painting in the end of 2008, ended successfully - we gathered exactly 111081zł already! It's about 28 000 EUR!

The exhibition lasts till 30 December 2009
opening hours - 12:00 - 18:00
address: SKWER - Filia Centrum Artystycznego Fabryka Trzciny
ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 60A, WARSAW

Here are the pictures from the opening, the video and presentation of paintings will soon appear on the blog.

KSW 12 Pudzianowski vs. Najman 11.12.2009

Pudzianowski vs. Najman
The Krasnals. Whielki Krasnal "Dawaj na ring! Zaraz cię zniszczę! Bu! Bu! Bu! Bu! / KSW 12 Pudzianowski vs. Najman 11.12.2009 / z cyklu Whielcy Polacy". 2009. Olej na płycie. 40 x 40 cm

Pudzianowski vs. Najman
The Krasnals. Whielki Krasnal "Dawaj na ring! Zaraz cię zniszczę! Bu! Bu! Bu! Bu! / KSW 12 Pudzianowski vs. Najman 11.12.2009 / z cyklu Whielcy Polacy / cz. II". 2009. Oil on hardboard. 50 x 50 cm


The Krasnals. Krasnal Bansky "...Now Polish girls prefer Polish guys / Mariusz Pudzianowski / Whielcy Polacy". 2009. Akryl na płycie. 55 x 46 cm

Krasnal Hałabała "Polish girls prefer French guys / Jean Reno / Whielcy Polacy". 2008. Akryl, olej na płótnie. 45 x 55 cm

Dec 10, 2009


Invitation for The Krasnals exhibition in Warsaw on 16 Dec. at 7pm.
address: SKWER - Filia Centrum Artystycznego Fabryka Trzciny
ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 60A

Dec 4, 2009

First exhibition of The Krasnals in Poland

Vernissage - December 16, at 6 pm
and Auction for the Center of Rehabilitation, Education and Welfare Society of Friends of Children "Helenów in Warsaw - Międzylesie (

Skwer - a branch of
Fabryka Trzciny Art Center
address: Krakowskie Przedmiescie 60a, Warsaw
Preview text: # gora

The Krasnals - Last Supper. Brothers in Arms 2009
2009.12.16-30 - time 12:00 - 18:00

We are pleased to invite all of you to a party with The Krasnals, at December 16th. That day will be an official meeting of dwarves, where you can meet members of our family living in the remotest corners of the globe, and establish direct contact with them.
Christmas time for us is always the really busy, because we help Santa Claus (We did his portrait, do you recognize who is it?). During the vernissage we want to raise funds for children for the center "Helenów" - from the auction that will be held at the opening.

And the show that we prepared - series of paintings "Last Supper / Brothers In Arms 2009" primarily refers to the idea of the annual rankings, describing reality of the last preceding period. 13 canvases measuring 270 x 120 cm is the kind of The Dwarves' ranking of the personalities that we think are important for the year 2009.
An interesting fact is that these are our paintings from the exhibition in Lille, in France from the festival EUROPE XXL. We painted for that exposition people who were important to us as local heroes from Poland, and now they have been superseded by other personalities, and - unfortunately repainted
. Underlying concept of this cycle is also the idea of cyclicality and transformation. In subsequent years there will will be exchanged one image to another, as a result of sales or lower popularity. As it happens in a typical turbo-capitalism.

Thus, for 2009 we chose Michael Jackson, Polanski
with a girl of Banksy, Wladimir Putin as Russkij Soldat, Madonna, Nazi Uklanski, Kaczynski with birthday greetings to Barbie, also Angelina Jolie - the first on the list of celebrities in 2009 mainly due to charitable work - in the role of Lara Croft on the Cross by Gilbert & George from their 2009 exhibition "The Church of England". Italian production is a bust with the Berlusconi and Ciciolina by Jeff Koons at the background of pussies by Gomulicki. There is a self-portrait of Disabled Whielki Dwarf as Santa Claus.
Barack Obama in Las Vegas - Current president of America is probably the biggest star and the most controversial media personality of this year - Nobel laureate who sends soldiers to war. He promotes America through the prism of entertainment straight from Las Vegas and through the to no one known area 51. Atomic bombs discreetly decorate his face, and above all, dominatas green U.S. dollar.
Bernard Madoff recently caused a lot of confusion, it identified with the favorite this year, the word "crisis". But laughing sarcasticaly he says: "I'm not the only one".
And Brad Pitt as the Inglorious Basterd of Tarantino.

Below you can see now a few fragments of the paintings, the rest will be in real soon. And after the exhibition - full documentation.

And - we will show on 16th our new movie - "La Grande Bouffe" in four chapters:
Charter 1 – „Macedonian night In Ohrid”
Chapter 2 – “Heaven”
Chapter 3 – “Revenge”
Chapter 4 – “Big watermelon”
Photos come from our recordings in the Balkans. The film referes to the extreme aspects of consumption - especially actual during Christmas. It is funny, hilarious, exotic, very touching and disgusting.

A few small fragments of the paintings:

Nov 29, 2009

The Krasnals in Tate Modern

We have just received the info from one of our fans from London, that our painting is hanging in Tate! And it's the part of Uklanski's installation. Otherwise we wouldn't be informed about it and wouldn't have any idea about it.

It turns out that the first picture of The Krasnals, in mid 2008, was bought by Piotr Uklański.
It was sold more than a year ago and now it emerged that he had bought it and decorated with it his exposure in the Pop Life exhibition at the Tate!

We wonder, however, whether he placed any description that it is our painting? Last times similar cases (as controversy over the painting "Paris Bar" Martin Kippenberger) are increasingly emerging in contemporary art, uncertainties related to the question who is the author of the work. Our story in short looks like that: about a year ago we sold a portrait signed by Whielki Krasnal "Poland - White-Red, Ole! / Piotr Uklański" to a person called Pearl. The image is signed at the back, and the purchaser received a certificate of authenticity. In the era of the art factories to sign your name on the work done by other people is normal practice, but our image was not painted on commission, or sold with the agreement of disclaiming the copyright. So its authorship is clear.

Basically, apart from these concerns, if it's true, we have another interesting fact in our CV. We participate in the Pop Life exhibition at Tate Modern along with Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami, Keith Haring, Martin Kippenberger, Richard Prince, Pruit Early, Andrea Fraser, Maurizzio Catellan, Reena Spaulings, YBA, and others.

Welcome till the January 17 - it's one of seldom occasions to see our painting in real, not only virtualy.

Art in a Material World
Tate Modern 1 October 2009 - 17 January 2010

Whielki Krasnal "Polska - White-Red, Ole! / Piotr Uklański / from the series Great Poles". 2008. Oil on canvas. 50 x 70 cm

The Krasnals nominated to Polityka's Passports - Polish culture award,1,

fot. Mariusz Forecki/TAMTAM

Roman Polanski - How to train the Girls

The Krasnals "How to train the Girls"
Roman Polański
Zbigniew Libera

Oct 29, 2009

Charity Auction - Great Heart of MICHAEL JACKSON and JEFF KOONS from The Krasnals for children

Charity Auction for children in Cracow - "Great Heart of MICHAEL JACKSON and JEFF KOONS from The Krasnals for children"
Our painting opens the new, wonderful era of kitsch-pop-art in Poland!

The Krasnals. Whielki Krasnal „Great Heart of MICHAEL JACKSON and JEFF KOONS from The Krasnals for children”. 2009. Oil on canvas. 130 x 180 cm

The Krasnals. Mhaly Krasnal „Great Heart of MICHAEL JACKSON and JEFF KOONS from The Krasnals for children”. 2009. Oil on canvas. 16,5 x 17,5 cm

XVIII Aukcja Wielkiego Serca (Auction of Great Heart) in Cracow, Poland
21 November 2009, at 5 pm The Manggha Centre of Japanese Art and Technology
you can bit also by phone - more info soon!

link to the official site of the Great Heart Society:

How many people will have to die
Before we will take a stand
How many children will have to cry
Before we do what we can

Michael Jackson charity song What more can I give

This time we give on the Great Heart Auction - the Big altruistic Heart of Michael Jackson and commercial Great Kitsch Hanging Heart of Jeff Koons sold in 2007 for 23.6 million dollars . With this painting we open up officially era of kitsch-pop-art in Poland! This painting is accompanied with the picture of Mhaly Krasnal - a Cover version of original painting - which was ordered in 7 years old randomly selected child. This is symbolic for this auction for children, both paintings create the wholeness, specific painting installation. And we are wonder what price will reach both hearts together - Michael Jackson's and Jeff Koons's in the implementation of dwarves (The Krasnals), the more that the target is the charity auction in contrast to Sotheby's auction! Last year, at the Great Heart Auction our painting reached the highest price - 31,000 PLN (about 10,000 USD), this year we believe that we will achieve double amount. Buyer will recieve two in one - two images together, but the crucial thing is - that it's the great work, of the highest quality! The image belongs to our Charity Paintings series made specifically for the charity auctions.

With these paintings we want to pay homage to the king of pop, which is a symbol of great ideas, even naive faith in natural goodness and love inherent in the sources of human nature. Not without significance is the fact that Michael Jackson gave to charity more than 300 million dollars, and was engaged in promoting that idea among others. He dedicated to it also his famous songs as What more can I give, We Are the World, and numerous concerts.
During his life he supported the greatest number of charitable organizations, including Childrenhelp USA - the largest charitable organization against child abuse. During his concerts he expressed a message of love and concern for the youngest. Michael never wanted to grow up and longed for a real, wonderful childhood. He missed it and wanted to prevent other children from suffering at any cost. But not only that was the reason for his charitable work and mission directed to the youngest. That's what he says:
"All my inspiration and everything I have done in my life, comes from the children. Every song that I sang, each dance. Only they have that purity and innocence. In the faces of children I see God. "

The king of pop was also a great lover and a symbol of KITCH. Accompanied by luxury, intemperance in the salvation of the world desire and lack of distance to himself. He liked to shine, he had a weakness for crystal-lined jackets, gold suits, shiny shoes, shiny military and chivalry gadgets. In art, the most admired luxury, pathos, idolatry, and large formats. But in this kitsch area he could compete with the king of kitsch art - Jeff Koons. His great kitschy Hanging Heart except 23.6 million dollars is distinguished by other impressive data. His perfect shiny surface is covered with more than ten layers of paint, was executed with the highest quality stainless steel, weighs over 1600 kg, measured 2.7 meters, its creation took more than 6000 hours of human labor. Great Jaff Koons's Hanging Heart is an example of the highest quality professional kitsch, and this area is reserved only for outstanding professionals. So the regular artist with a master degree in Fine Arts could not be able even if he wanted to deal with this. And what in the last dozen years has dominated Art in Poland? Any fart in gray followed by a proper support of the corporated art lobby guaranteed fame. (Current Polish mega pseudo-surrealists and other realistic or abstract artists are artificially created products. They lack imagination, enthusiasm, luster, there is no life in them, that's a miracle actually they are able to breathe.)

We declare that with this painting "Great Heart of MICHAEL JACKSON and JEFF KOONS from The Krasnals for children" we open style of kitsch-pop-art in Poland, we will promote, represent and create this style in Poland, and become its kings. Our new signature is symbolic for our kitsch-pop-art paintings - our initials TK (The Krasnals) - here as The Kings with a crown - inspired by the signature of Michael Jackson.

We Declare that we are closing phase of Polish sentymental gray art (minimal art, polish art, polish shit art), finish our masochistic national tendency to sink in a depressing gray and open the era of color, joyful, kitsch-pop-art. Let us enjoy consumerism honestly, without stings of remorse , especially in a time of crisis, let the real perfect kitsch host in great hearts of our viewers!

The Dwarfs (The Krasnals) bring joy and always help children!
All the best!
The Krasnals


P.S. the text is an integral part of our installations, written in the scribbler style, very kitschy and pop-art, so is to remain in such form and accompany the pictures during the auction!

If possible, we wish that the pictures were brought with the light thrown from the reflector on the paintings, and accompanied by the Michael Jackson's song "What more can I give". We hope that this can be made, the effect will be divine!
Our project for this auction consists of three basic components:
- Two paintings
- Text
- light effects and song of Michael Jackson "What more can I give"

Oct 28, 2009

Gala Effie Awards 2009

SAR - ASSOCIATION OF ADVERTISING AGENCIES IN POLAND - during the gala became the holder of the painting by The Krasnals "Extort the art" with toilet paper with Marilyn Monroe pattern.
This image is the first of the SAR's planned collection of contemporary art .
It can also be purchased by everyone as a print with the latest issue of monthly - the beautiful print on hard paper is attached there.

The Krasnals "Exort the Art". 2009. Mixed media on canvas. 92 x 75 cm

Masked Dwarf on the photo:

Oct 23, 2009

MTV The Krasnals - Mission Impossible


The Krasnals - The Kings – MTV Kitch-Pop Channel

This video clip officially opens our music channel, which will show hits - music videos in a unique edition of The Krasnals - The Kings. Here comes the long-awaited joyous era of kitsch-pop art, which will finally break hated by a large audience Polish sphere of gray, boring, over intellectual art, all of this great Polish Art Shit, which we The Krasnals definitely are opposed.

For the purposes of this era, we will use our new logo which is inspired by Michael Jackson - our guru of pop and kitsch.

It is no coincidence that we start our TV station at the beginning of the autumn-winter season, because our music videos are recommended during that period when the depression comes by autumn-winter. We hope to contribute to a reduction of suicide statistics at that time. And that is precisely the social aspect of art involved in our new project. Depression is one of the major problems of our nation and we want to address it.

The video contains dramatic scenes that are not recommended for people under 18 years of age. If you are under 18 years old, you must not come here because it could badly affect the meticulously created by the different education systems your system of values!

Side effects: - Possible inappropriate behavior with respect to the surrounding reality, intolerable environment, which may cause that you want to become an artist or think you're krasnale (schizophrenia)

Sep 30, 2009

Happening in Berlin with Orange Alternative


..Zwergenaufstand - Berlin- Dresden - Warschau - gemeinsame Sache ..

In the Rising of Dwarfs take part Polish and German dwarfs:

Major Waldemar Frydrych (Orangene Alternative)
Eurozwerge (Dresden)
The Krasnals (Polen)
Dr. Dirk Moldt (DDR Oppositioneller)


From our project at the exhibition Brand New Art in Cracow at the Art World gallery.
The song comes from the Russian comedy from 1968 "Diamond hand" - "The Rabbit song - A NAM VSE RAVNO (but we don't care)".

Justice League Unlimited - Congress of Polish Culture 2009

The Krasnals. Krasnal Hałabała „Justice League Unlimited/ from the series Great Poles, Congress of Polish Culture: Anda Rottenberg, Andrzej Przywara, Joanna Mytkowska, Wilhelm Sasnal, Sławomir Sierakowski, Artur Żmijewski, The Krasnals”. 2009. Acrylic on canvas. diameter 98 cm