Oct 2, 2013

GUERNICA - facts & myths - CHAPTER I

"good artists copy but great artists steal" Picasso

The Krasnals "Guernica". 2013. Oil on canvas. 180 x 520 cm

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GUERNICA - anti-war painting  or tool in a war? Symbol of the struggle for peace or the struggle for rule and propaganda ?
So the artist, check you measure in your arms and you really want to push the trigger. Are not civilians , ordinary people , children ... ? Are not you an accomplice of Guernica in its modern form ? The white gloves on a long leash ? Analyzing the history of wars , conflicts , power struggles , even those present (Syria, Rewanda , Armenia , the former Yugoslavia , Korea, Vietnam , Afghanistan , Bravick ) , it is fair to say that this image is the foremost symbol manipulation and propaganda. Version of events that reaches the ordinary citizen usually has little to do with the truth . Is it worth it to support one of the parties ? Art in the war plays a key role . Caroline Levine in his book " From Challenge to Democracy ," explains What was the purpose of the CIA in funding known abstractionist painter Jackson Pollock , and for example, in an article in the Independent in 1995, " Modern Art Was CIA weapon " we learn the details of the promotion of mainstream American expressionism abstract . In this context, one might wonder why is commonly believed that the Soviet socialist realism art in the service of Soviet propaganda was worse than the American abstract expressionism ? Because no one wants to believe that she could be at the service of the U.S. and the CIA propaganda and besides, its value is questionable ? The first one for years accused first of all its propaganda purposes. Current question becomes whether rightly American artists became known and achieve the highest in the world auction records and socrealiści are pushed to the margins ? Since so many questions , since Picasso is dead , we decided as a reaction to create another version of Guernica - as a protest against the current form of war, especially today - based on the use of zafałszowanym people in the struggle for power. Not for the common good , not for the beautiful sounding ideas, but for their own interests . We hypothesize that our work is more valuable than Picasso because: a) based on Picasso's Guernica , and by the best artists steal b ) is stripped of pathetic kitsch zafałszowanym ground -based c ) has a much deeper and metaphorical meaning, signals , and be mindful of the kind of modern warfare , where the enemy is blurred , leading the fight compelling public more subtle , unseen agents , mainly using information tools and economic d ) our view is beautiful and the ugly Picasso , because in fact poorly and crudely painted . e) it turns out that not only target imaging has been distorted for propaganda purposes , but the whole biography of Picasso. The Krasnals are, however, genuine , real , and I never lie, they are not perceptibly by anyone because it really does not exist. The true biography of Picasso stripped of myth - legend " whielkiego artist " soon. Wait ! TO BE CONTINUED

Jun 1, 2013

The Krasnals boycott the 55th Venice Biennale 2013

Polish Art Collective The Krasnals (The Dwarves), boycott the 55th Venice Biennale.
Alternative Biennale of the The Krasnals - in Polish village called Venice (Wenecja) placed in the central Poland. 

At the day of the opening of the Polish pavilion in Venice, 30th of May, The Krasnals went to the Polish village called like Italian place - Venice, where they organized an alternative representation of Poland and alternative la Biennale di Venezia. This way they manifested their opposition to international exhibitions, and the idea of supported party and tourist event for the artistic elite.
The action criticizes the network of system and friendly contacts, populism and consumerism spreading in contemporary art supported by public funds. The artists boycott fatal political correctness and servility in the art world. They ask what happened with the famous postulate of Georges Pompidou: "Art must discuss, contest and protest." (L'art doit discuter, doit contester, doit protester). We should be conscious, that what changes the world, is the avant-garde artistic revolutionaries, not wards of the system, tied up on a long leash of the guiding system. The task of the wards is to mutter meekly, fawn and occasionally bark, to show "that they are rude."
The Krasnals went to Polish Venice with their own money, organizing their action alone, without controlling curators and other irreplaceable experts. They insist that next Polish representation goes to the Italian Venice Biennale at its own expense, and makes contact with a live public, the real audience, instead of having a nice party with their art fellows from all over the world.

Apr 24, 2013

This is the BEAUTY of ART

The Krasnals. Whielki Krasnal "This is the BEAUTY of ART! / Infanta Margarita, Tribute to Diego Velasquez / from the series "Beauty in the Art". 2013. Oil on canvas. 50 x 50 cm

Jan 12, 2013

IT'S SUPER! So what is your problem?

The Krasnals mural "It's SUPER!" - can be seen as a commentary on the excessive and inexplicable optimism of Poles facing deteriorating situation. 

IT'S SUPER -  The Krasnals Mural in Lublin (Poland). 2012-07-03
Organized by The studio of socially engaged art "The Districts”


"Jest Super" T-Love
Look at those amazing highways, 
Roads, without any potholes, 
New buildings are rising and there are no accidents, 
In clean hospitals people are rarely dying 
We have an amazing government and great president 
All those people are incredible professionals 
I trust them, and i know I've chosen my future, 
They will take my hand and guide me to Europe. 

It's great 
It's great 
So what is your problem 

We are very tolerant against other opinions 
Church is defending the poor 
Rich people are cool and quite honest 
Police is catching and punishing criminals 

It's great 
It's great 
So what is your problem 

The Mural received third prize in the competition for best murals in Lublin: