Jan 16, 2011

"Three Hanging Kids" / bambini Cattelan / Jan Tomasz Gross

The Krasnals. Big Dwarf "hanging kids the Death of Which Child Would be the Best Business? 2010. Oil on canvas. 97 x 97 cm
Maurizio Cattelan 'Hanging Kids','I bambini ci guardano', 'tre bambini impiccati', 'The Children Are Watching Us' . Three children hang on a tree and watch the truth with their eyes wide open.

Jan 11, 2011

"Golden harvest" Jan Tomasz Gross

The Krasnals. Big Dwarf "Golden harvest... It's horrible! ". 2011. Oil on canvas. 50 x 73 cm

Jan 5, 2011


The Krasnals. Big Dwarf

"DO YOU TRUST ANONYMS? / Banksy / from 'The Great Poles' series" 2010.
Oil on a paperboard . 50 x 70 cm

Why you have to be anonymous to be able to say the whole truth?