Apr 20, 2014

"Battle of Grunwald / Ship of Fools"

The Krasnals "Battle of Grunwald / Ship of Fools". 2012. Oil on canvas. 430 x 990 cm

"The Battle of Grunwald/Ship of Fools’ is no more than an artistic work of fiction. The picture is a light and accessible creation, portraying the events and characters of contemporary Polish history, in an international context. They are little more than cartoons with a sense of humor in the genre of ‘South Park’. The concept of ‘Polish Civil War’ should be taken with a pinch of salt."
We received the art monthly Arteon 2013 Award for this painting.

However it provoked big controversy and protest from the All-Poland Committee Against Sects And Violence. Now the case is in Polish court.


Oct 2, 2013

GUERNICA - facts & myths - CHAPTER I

"good artists copy but great artists steal" Picasso

The Krasnals "Guernica". 2013. Oil on canvas. 180 x 520 cm

google translator:


GUERNICA - anti-war painting  or tool in a war? Symbol of the struggle for peace or the struggle for rule and propaganda ?
So the artist, check you measure in your arms and you really want to push the trigger. Are not civilians , ordinary people , children ... ? Are not you an accomplice of Guernica in its modern form ? The white gloves on a long leash ? Analyzing the history of wars , conflicts , power struggles , even those present (Syria, Rewanda , Armenia , the former Yugoslavia , Korea, Vietnam , Afghanistan , Bravick ) , it is fair to say that this image is the foremost symbol manipulation and propaganda. Version of events that reaches the ordinary citizen usually has little to do with the truth . Is it worth it to support one of the parties ? Art in the war plays a key role . Caroline Levine in his book " From Challenge to Democracy ," explains What was the purpose of the CIA in funding known abstractionist painter Jackson Pollock , and for example, in an article in the Independent in 1995, " Modern Art Was CIA weapon " we learn the details of the promotion of mainstream American expressionism abstract . In this context, one might wonder why is commonly believed that the Soviet socialist realism art in the service of Soviet propaganda was worse than the American abstract expressionism ? Because no one wants to believe that she could be at the service of the U.S. and the CIA propaganda and besides, its value is questionable ? The first one for years accused first of all its propaganda purposes. Current question becomes whether rightly American artists became known and achieve the highest in the world auction records and socrealiści are pushed to the margins ? Since so many questions , since Picasso is dead , we decided as a reaction to create another version of Guernica - as a protest against the current form of war, especially today - based on the use of zafałszowanym people in the struggle for power. Not for the common good , not for the beautiful sounding ideas, but for their own interests . We hypothesize that our work is more valuable than Picasso because: a) based on Picasso's Guernica , and by the best artists steal b ) is stripped of pathetic kitsch zafałszowanym ground -based c ) has a much deeper and metaphorical meaning, signals , and be mindful of the kind of modern warfare , where the enemy is blurred , leading the fight compelling public more subtle , unseen agents , mainly using information tools and economic d ) our view is beautiful and the ugly Picasso , because in fact poorly and crudely painted . e) it turns out that not only target imaging has been distorted for propaganda purposes , but the whole biography of Picasso. The Krasnals are, however, genuine , real , and I never lie, they are not perceptibly by anyone because it really does not exist. The true biography of Picasso stripped of myth - legend " whielkiego artist " soon. Wait ! TO BE CONTINUED

Jun 1, 2013

The Krasnals boycott the 55th Venice Biennale 2013

Polish Art Collective The Krasnals (The Dwarves), boycott the 55th Venice Biennale.
Alternative Biennale of the The Krasnals - in Polish village called Venice (Wenecja) placed in the central Poland. 

At the day of the opening of the Polish pavilion in Venice, 30th of May, The Krasnals went to the Polish village called like Italian place - Venice, where they organized an alternative representation of Poland and alternative la Biennale di Venezia. This way they manifested their opposition to international exhibitions, and the idea of supported party and tourist event for the artistic elite.
The action criticizes the network of system and friendly contacts, populism and consumerism spreading in contemporary art supported by public funds. The artists boycott fatal political correctness and servility in the art world. They ask what happened with the famous postulate of Georges Pompidou: "Art must discuss, contest and protest." (L'art doit discuter, doit contester, doit protester). We should be conscious, that what changes the world, is the avant-garde artistic revolutionaries, not wards of the system, tied up on a long leash of the guiding system. The task of the wards is to mutter meekly, fawn and occasionally bark, to show "that they are rude."
The Krasnals went to Polish Venice with their own money, organizing their action alone, without controlling curators and other irreplaceable experts. They insist that next Polish representation goes to the Italian Venice Biennale at its own expense, and makes contact with a live public, the real audience, instead of having a nice party with their art fellows from all over the world.

Apr 24, 2013

This is the BEAUTY of ART

The Krasnals. Whielki Krasnal "This is the BEAUTY of ART! / Infanta Margarita, Tribute to Diego Velasquez / from the series "Beauty in the Art". 2013. Oil on canvas. 50 x 50 cm

Jan 12, 2013

IT'S SUPER! So what is your problem?

The Krasnals mural "It's SUPER!" - can be seen as a commentary on the excessive and inexplicable optimism of Poles facing deteriorating situation. 

IT'S SUPER -  The Krasnals Mural in Lublin (Poland). 2012-07-03
Organized by The studio of socially engaged art "The Districts”


"Jest Super" T-Love
Look at those amazing highways, 
Roads, without any potholes, 
New buildings are rising and there are no accidents, 
In clean hospitals people are rarely dying 
We have an amazing government and great president 
All those people are incredible professionals 
I trust them, and i know I've chosen my future, 
They will take my hand and guide me to Europe. 

It's great 
It's great 
So what is your problem 

We are very tolerant against other opinions 
Church is defending the poor 
Rich people are cool and quite honest 
Police is catching and punishing criminals 

It's great 
It's great 
So what is your problem 

The Mural received third prize in the competition for best murals in Lublin:

Jun 19, 2012

The Krasnals contra Femen / Diversity Parade

Femen is a side-effect of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, which as you know ended with even greater symbiosis between politics and business elites. In addition, it includes all the features of a commercial product that can be absorbed by the West.
And nothing is better for selling in the West than a pinch of eastern exotic colored with communism, with the addition of one of the guiding leftist thought as the feminism. It's all immersed in the sugar-icing of several supporting populist slogans presented by posing Femen 'models'. When Femen criticized the efforts of women who are prostitutes and who want to earn some extra money on Euro 2012 and when they stated unequivocally that the action of the Krasnals against them is nothing but a provocation organized by men - pimps, suddenly we saw the light. Their work is done on such a scale that is quite likely that the girls are just pawns in a larger project, which has completely different goals than proclaimed in their feministic slogans. There is involved a huge capital, the entire staff of people and technical background has been hired to handle this business.
These aspirations slowly become clear and visible also on Polish territory, where they begun to collaborate with a radical left organization Political Critique, and Palikot Movement left party takes them under their wings. The same happens in other countries. You can easily guess what might be the next steps. And here we return to the beginning of the text. And here we have in front our eyes examples of activists, intellectuals and other socially engaged artists who actually do nothing for ordinary people. But they have the financial income from their activity and the corresponding social position among elites. They build new rows of authority, the newest variant of totalitarianism, as it already manifests with their lack of tolerance for other views.

Femen pseudo-feminism has nothing to do with the clever, intelligent, systematic, persistent work on behalf of women. 

The same people who support Femen and their ‘fight’ for women rights, sneer at women at The Krasnals photos. And this is especially due to their appearance – that they are thick, have overhangs and the breasts of Femen are nicer. No such tits, no such body, not the weight, that they are far from the appearance of Femen, etc. (a lot of these comments, whose authors are supposed supporters of feminism and feminists, are on the Femen website and on facebook under their riposte to The Krasnals!) It’s worth noticing that representatives of Femen have been chosen following the western standards and in the way fully acceptable by the West, to suit to pictures in colorful magazines. They practice visual discrimination against ordinary women. There is no feminine naturalness, diversity, and any imperfections. Femen breasts and bodies, selected according to accepted standards, don’t to feel 'ashamed'. These girls are full time employed, manipulated and used. Also, paradoxically, we stand up for them and defend from posing for pictures in the leather jacket on a motorcycle, to Marie-Claire magazine and the Femen Triple Blow.

The current session of The Krasnals "Diversity Parade" in the orange costumes of Dwarves looks back with nostalgia at lost ideals of the Orange Revolution from 2004. In contrast to Femen, in this session pose usual girls. This is also a distinctive manifestation of critical art directed to the newest varieties of approaching totalitarian systems, which are characterized by extreme right-wing homophobia! 

Jun 3, 2012

EURO 2012 - Polish activists THE KRASNALS - against FEMEN feminists

EURO 2012 with prostitutions!
UEFA welcome to our gates!
Welcome to Poland for EURO 2012! 


Euro 2012 is unique occasion for us women to earn some extra money on sex-tourism! Many Polish women count on these profits and can't wait foreign football fans. Generally we earn less, usually we get worse job. Many of us bring up children alone, so Euro is a great opportunity for us. It is a chance to earn extra money and in many cases an opportunity to break the fall.

As female artists, whose income from the art is too low to be able to maintain itself, we look forward to this opportunity too. Therefore, we disagree with the action of Ukrainian feminists Femen who protest against prostitution during Euro - also in Poland! If they want to rebel, they can do it at home in the Ukraine! Poland is our territory!

We do not believe, moreover, that selling bodies is worse and more humiliating kind of prostitution than the one practiced every day by some artists supporting correct ideologies - in exchange for fame, and money. We prefer to be prostitutes dealing bodies then becoming artists from the first rows of the art whores system – selling their artistic freedom!

Therefore, we vote for prostitution in Reality – and against prostitution in ART! Therefore we urge all the feminists during the time of Euro 2012 to stay in the kitchen and let Polish girls earn some money!

On the occasion of EURO 2012, we also created our own Euro 2012 mascot. This is the eight-foot sculpture of an anonymous figure - "Prince X", inspired by the work of renowned sculptor Constantin Brancusi, showing substantial male genitals – the symbol of our prosperity.

Read about it in:
Dutch media: http://www.welingelichtekringen.nl/22279-poolse-meisjes-kunnen-niet-wachten-tot-de-voetbalfans-komen.html

Feminists during Euro 2012 - stay in the kitchen!
EURO 2012 - source of income and pleasure
We prefer to sell our body to the client, than our soul to corrupted art critic
How to explain pictures to the contemporary art critic?

Surrealistic Manifesto of Independent Polish Euro-prostitute 

We’re taking our clothes off, so we could afford clothes to put on

Euro is unique occasion for us women to get a good earnings! Generally we earn less, usually we get worse job. Many of us bring up children alone, so Euro is a great opportunity for us. It is a chance to earn extra money and in many cases an opportunity to break the fall.

We’re honest prostitutes , not like those from Femen. Where do they get money for all those trips or provocations ?? Who is financing them? Apparently, all paths lead to one funding source, and all legs lead to the ass! Why do they poke their nose into our business ?

If they really need to rebel in terms of prostitution, why don’t they do it in their homeland- Ukraine? Fuck off with their fake neopostcommunisticpesudoleftist revolution and stay in your hick town. In 1917 Lenin did show his bald crown, now they are showing their naked tits. There is nothing new in it, Femen are typical representants of neo homo sovieticus with mentality of a soviet slave. Have a look on our nice, open, real, modern conservative girls totally different from those Warhol’s cans!

We will Take care of welcoming and entertaining our fans on our own. All the feminists during EURO should be closed in the kitchen and not disturb Polish girls!

However our income still isn’t the most important issue. The most necessary is our mission to save the world and make it a peaceful and harmonious place. All feminists’ actions lead to total destruction and disharmony. Our goal is completely the opposite.

We strongly believe, that it’s possible to make the world a better place through prostitution. We’ll get some extra money and all the guests will relax instead of provoking fights or arguments. We ‘ll show the path of love and tolerance. We’ll show Polish women as nice, hard working, sexy joyful , giving warmth and love. We are able to make the most outrageous sexual fantasies come true. Unresolved sexual tension always turns into aggression, which in turn provokes fights and wars. There will be no violence, wars or fights if we simply resolve this tension! What’s more the death penalty will be abolished, because there will be no need to use it! Euro time will bring the piece and calmness . We ensure that for the time of Euro all armed conflicts will be stopped. What’s more 1% of income from each sexual service will be donated for humanitarian actions. The only needed thing is sufficient amount of pheromones, that stimulate testosterone, which in turn, will generate appropriate thickness of spermsphere, that is protective barrier of the Earth. We appeal therefore to all our sisters to practice prostitution for money, or even for free! Just do not let the authorities to subsidize you, because sooner or later they will fall down.

We will establish a new order of things , law and justice. All mobile chargers will have the same input, if someone cannot afford the petrol, we will push his car. There will be no more illiterates, science and religion will become reconciled. A square wheel will be invented, testing of nuclear weapons and cream on rabbits will be stopped. Number of whales, killer whales, marsupials and other endangered species (including sturgeon) will be increased. The prices of rye on the international market will fall down. There will be no homeless and unemployed people, poaching will disappear. North America will be returned to the Indians, deforestation in the Amazon will end. The domination of the drug cartels will end. All corporations will become bankrupt. All pornographic corporations will be ruined too, because thanks to our services everybody will be satisfied. Even the Six Heads of Lenin. There will be no venereal disease, prostitution and people-trafficking will disappear. There will be yachts for everyone. You'll never run out of bananas for our youth. Everyone will get a slave, and will be someone's slave, and yet slavery will dissapear.

The social conditions of Eskimos and the royal penguins on Tierra del Fuego will improve. Don Quixote will finally win the battle with the windmills. Pinocchio will stop lying, Sisyphus will finally roll his boulder to the top, the sun stoped by Kopernik will move for further trip. Titanic won't sink, Etna won't explode, the Halleye comet won't hit the Earth. Atlantis will emerge from the water. Tupolev won't hit any birch.The bad situation of the ecosystem of the planet, which caused the withdrawal of the dinosaurs from the mainstream, will break off. We'll find the missing link of evolution. Gai's maternal love again embrace the world. Finally, dividing by zero will become possible. Darth Vader will finally stop puffing and will happily take off his helmet. There will be a cup of tea for everybody. The process of reincarnation will be under our surveillance and any DISSATISFIED dick will come back on our land. Our services we'll help to explain the reason of Smolensk catastrophe. We can serve politicians from both left and right. We will show what love means. Come and see what Polish pheromones can do! We'll help to explain the reasons of Smolensk catastrophe, thanks to our services will accelerate its resolution, since due to serving politicians from both left and right. We will show what is love. You'll see what they can do good Polish pheromones.

Nothing wrong won't happen in the whole universe .... Diseases in 90% are caused by mental tension, which turns into a physical tension so we will neutralize this mental tension. There will, be no diseases, suffering, misery and even death. There will be no euthanasia, abortion and suicide. There will be no need to die in such a dramatic way. People will die happily in our brothel. The world will become so wonderful that no one will ever notice the existance of birth and death.

Contemporary art will fall down because there will be no more problems to resolve. Destructive prostitution of mainstream artists serving authorities and ideology will end. Therefore, the beauty of the art will re-bloom, so it will be possible to direct your mind toward higher levels of awarness. The new age of the Renaissance in the history of mankind will be announced . It will be the new age of the Universe.

John Lenon's prophetic dream from his manifesto IMAGINE will come true. So join us and let's say together:
„ You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one”.

Make Love Not Art
Peace and Love

key words: Femen, topless protest, UEFA, EURO 2012, Poland, Kiev, bare-breasted, Feminist, Prostitution, Ukraine, sex

May 1, 2012

awh... Too much Beauty!

Coincidence or Intuition - two days after publishing this post, Edvard Munch's iconic artwork The Scream sold for $120m http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-17926519
The Krasnals "Scream / awh... too much beauty! / Tribute to Edvard Munch / from the Beauty in Art series". 2012. Oil on canvas. 80 x 60 cm
Fear of Beauty in Contemporary Art

One of the definitions of art delivered by main Polish art authority Anda Rottenberg is:
If the artist does the art and shows it in a museum or gallery, it means that he treats it as art. And if the owners or directors of the gallery accept it , that means they make such an assumption. The director assume that the art is what he likes. This is a form of social contract. Like any other. Moreover, today, art does not use the category of beauty, because we have beauty in nature.

Of course, this definition of art is strange to us, especially when our "taste" differs from the leading Polish curators. Isn't it really art, what the current art-establishment doesn't like? If the artists have to worry about such definitions of art, the art history would be poorer by many names.
For example, Andy Warhol…
I'm speaking the message to the masses. My paintings are liked by ordinary people. Intelligent people appreciated school of abstract expressionism only after years, so I suppose it's hard for intellectuals recognize an art in what I'm doing. He would also have a deep regard for what Anda Rottenberg thinks about beauty in art: I paint just things I always thought were beautiful, things you use every day and never think about. I paint what I like.

The question is: what in the final result is more important for recipient? When does he gain more - if he watches the art liked by an expert or an artist?

Apr 10, 2012

Jesus Loves You / 10 April - 2nd Poland's Smolensk plane crash anniversary / Cross Case

Jesus Loves You

To już druga rocznica Smoleńska. W okolicach tej daty powraca aktualność Sprawy Krzyża.
Sprawa spektakularnej walki o Krzyż. Ma wisieć, czy nie…
Może zamiast kłócić się i pozostawać na skrajnych stanowiskach, pobierzmy naukę z historii, kiedy to jeden z najbardziej lewicowych ruchów młodzieżowych w latach 70-tych głosił „Jesus Loves You”. Zamiast walczyć z Krzyżem, może warto odnaleźć w nim to, co jest nam bliskie?
Czasy dzisiejsze mają wiele cech analogicznych z latami hipisowskimi. Dyktatura kapitału korporacyjnego oraz hipokryzja sfer rządzących, głównie pseudolewicowych (korporacyjnych) wzbudzają sprzeciw młodego pokolenia. A miłość , jako główne przesłanie również Jezusa, staje na przeciwległym biegunie do materialistycznej władzy i ograniczania wolności obywatelskich. Pozwala na wymknięcie się spod tej dyktatury w sferę przyjazną, ludzką, pozwala na zdystansowanie się i być może dojrzenie smutnych ale prawdziwych wniosków, że obojętnie na kogo nie zagłosujemy, nic się nie zmieni. Jak w kultowym utworze Simona & Garfunkela „Mrs. Robinson” z kultowego filmu hipisowskiej rewolucji „Absolwent” :

Sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon
Going to the candidates debate
Laugh about it, shout about it
When you've got to choose
Ev'ry way you look at it, you lose

And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Jesus loves you more than you will know (Wo, wo, wo)
God bless you please, Mrs. Robinson
Heaven holds a place for those who pray
(Hey, hey, hey...hey, hey, hey)

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