Jan 12, 2013

IT'S SUPER! So what is your problem?

The Krasnals mural "It's SUPER!" - can be seen as a commentary on the excessive and inexplicable optimism of Poles facing deteriorating situation. 

IT'S SUPER -  The Krasnals Mural in Lublin (Poland). 2012-07-03
Organized by The studio of socially engaged art "The Districts”


"Jest Super" T-Love
Look at those amazing highways, 
Roads, without any potholes, 
New buildings are rising and there are no accidents, 
In clean hospitals people are rarely dying 
We have an amazing government and great president 
All those people are incredible professionals 
I trust them, and i know I've chosen my future, 
They will take my hand and guide me to Europe. 

It's great 
It's great 
So what is your problem 

We are very tolerant against other opinions 
Church is defending the poor 
Rich people are cool and quite honest 
Police is catching and punishing criminals 

It's great 
It's great 
So what is your problem 

The Mural received third prize in the competition for best murals in Lublin:

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