Jun 19, 2012

The Krasnals contra Femen / Diversity Parade

Femen is a side-effect of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, which as you know ended with even greater symbiosis between politics and business elites. In addition, it includes all the features of a commercial product that can be absorbed by the West.
And nothing is better for selling in the West than a pinch of eastern exotic colored with communism, with the addition of one of the guiding leftist thought as the feminism. It's all immersed in the sugar-icing of several supporting populist slogans presented by posing Femen 'models'. When Femen criticized the efforts of women who are prostitutes and who want to earn some extra money on Euro 2012 and when they stated unequivocally that the action of the Krasnals against them is nothing but a provocation organized by men - pimps, suddenly we saw the light. Their work is done on such a scale that is quite likely that the girls are just pawns in a larger project, which has completely different goals than proclaimed in their feministic slogans. There is involved a huge capital, the entire staff of people and technical background has been hired to handle this business.
These aspirations slowly become clear and visible also on Polish territory, where they begun to collaborate with a radical left organization Political Critique, and Palikot Movement left party takes them under their wings. The same happens in other countries. You can easily guess what might be the next steps. And here we return to the beginning of the text. And here we have in front our eyes examples of activists, intellectuals and other socially engaged artists who actually do nothing for ordinary people. But they have the financial income from their activity and the corresponding social position among elites. They build new rows of authority, the newest variant of totalitarianism, as it already manifests with their lack of tolerance for other views.

Femen pseudo-feminism has nothing to do with the clever, intelligent, systematic, persistent work on behalf of women. 

The same people who support Femen and their ‘fight’ for women rights, sneer at women at The Krasnals photos. And this is especially due to their appearance – that they are thick, have overhangs and the breasts of Femen are nicer. No such tits, no such body, not the weight, that they are far from the appearance of Femen, etc. (a lot of these comments, whose authors are supposed supporters of feminism and feminists, are on the Femen website and on facebook under their riposte to The Krasnals!) It’s worth noticing that representatives of Femen have been chosen following the western standards and in the way fully acceptable by the West, to suit to pictures in colorful magazines. They practice visual discrimination against ordinary women. There is no feminine naturalness, diversity, and any imperfections. Femen breasts and bodies, selected according to accepted standards, don’t to feel 'ashamed'. These girls are full time employed, manipulated and used. Also, paradoxically, we stand up for them and defend from posing for pictures in the leather jacket on a motorcycle, to Marie-Claire magazine and the Femen Triple Blow.

The current session of The Krasnals "Diversity Parade" in the orange costumes of Dwarves looks back with nostalgia at lost ideals of the Orange Revolution from 2004. In contrast to Femen, in this session pose usual girls. This is also a distinctive manifestation of critical art directed to the newest varieties of approaching totalitarian systems, which are characterized by extreme right-wing homophobia! 

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