Jun 1, 2013

The Krasnals boycott the 55th Venice Biennale 2013

Polish Art Collective The Krasnals (The Dwarves), boycott the 55th Venice Biennale.
Alternative Biennale of the The Krasnals - in Polish village called Venice (Wenecja) placed in the central Poland. 

At the day of the opening of the Polish pavilion in Venice, 30th of May, The Krasnals went to the Polish village called like Italian place - Venice, where they organized an alternative representation of Poland and alternative la Biennale di Venezia. This way they manifested their opposition to international exhibitions, and the idea of supported party and tourist event for the artistic elite.
The action criticizes the network of system and friendly contacts, populism and consumerism spreading in contemporary art supported by public funds. The artists boycott fatal political correctness and servility in the art world. They ask what happened with the famous postulate of Georges Pompidou: "Art must discuss, contest and protest." (L'art doit discuter, doit contester, doit protester). We should be conscious, that what changes the world, is the avant-garde artistic revolutionaries, not wards of the system, tied up on a long leash of the guiding system. The task of the wards is to mutter meekly, fawn and occasionally bark, to show "that they are rude."
The Krasnals went to Polish Venice with their own money, organizing their action alone, without controlling curators and other irreplaceable experts. They insist that next Polish representation goes to the Italian Venice Biennale at its own expense, and makes contact with a live public, the real audience, instead of having a nice party with their art fellows from all over the world.

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