Apr 10, 2011

Szymborska is COOL !!!

Our friday's performance, during Jenny Holzer vernisage, consisted of strewing 10 000 leaflets. On leaflets was a fragment of Wisława Szymborska's poem. Windy weather furthered, so Stary Browar and a park were buried under a "snow" of white sheets.

In this way we went in to a dialog with Holzer, in interaction, by using the same expression - written words. On the other hand we opposed her digital's projections ordianry paper sheets. Inter alia it was about showing, that ordinary means are about 1000 times stronger than very expensive, snobbish projections, based on special effects. Moreover Holzer's action was pedictable, and there was nothing that would distinguish that one from the others. But little sheet was enough. A sheet with a very disgraceful poem. Action of culture jamming once again appears to be stronger.
We don't have any photos of our action because it was about to running fast and didn't making yourself been caught. But who was - knows what we are talking about.
Another problem - Holzer's action had a political meaning which was right and empty. In distinction from artist we didn't choose most popular and known poems of Szymborska. We chose a poem that had been written before she recived a Nobel prize award and which was showing communistic inclinations of Szymborska. We added to the poem a provocative question, which was forcing to giving thought to what were the reasons of giving to Wisława Szymborska Noble prize award: Nobel prize winner? Red communistic pig?

And there came an answer...
On friday we met with Holzer. She was demanding on explenations on subject of leaflets. Artist was shocked when she found out about communistic past of Szymborska. After a long discution she proposed to us to cooperate with her during her next projection, which was made next day on city hall. We decided that addendum of the project will be carried through old town transparent with a sign: Szymborska is COOL !!! with companion of hammer and sickle.

COOL - as all the symbols of commune, for youth generation are COOL, trendy, they awake pleasant, warm and almost sexy - overly emotional feelings. But only when there will come to sexual intercourse with commune, even with a great commitment, there will be no orgasm. The only thing that will be is hangover and disgust.

All of that the town hall is the most beautiful.

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