Apr 2, 2011

6th Anniversary of John Paul II

The Krasnals. Whielki Krasnal "Pope John Paul II left hand blessing". 2011. Oil on canvas. 55 x 46 cm

The link between good and beautiful stirs fruitful reflection. In a certain sense, beauty is the visible form of the good, just as the good is the metaphysical condition of beauty.
Letter of His Holiness Pope John Paul II to artists.

The Krasnals group take on it's shoulders present cross. It undertakes attempt of uniting two quarelled, for many years, ideologies - church and communists. In cosequence of arised a painting of John Paul II. In their artistic vision The Krasnals are demolishing previous canons and for the first time in history, they lead to that pope is giving blessing by using his left hand. This is clear obeisance to people with communistic beliefs. Painting is maintenaced in a very amicable, peaceful atmosphere, full of pleasure, downright of hedonistic content. In this way The Krasnals hava a hope, that communists will accept John Paul II who is blessing by his left hand.

The Krasnals "Advertisement of a agreement cross made of styrofoam". 2011. Photography. Limited edition I 1/10


Styrofoam cross for everybody.

The Krasnals company is presenting new product. In it's offer now appears a sculpture - cross. Product is referred as well as to supporters and opponents. Due to high quality and nanotechnology it allows owner as well as honoring or profanation it. The Krasnals are heading with this offer to those who fight for cross. Now everyone may have its own cross in home. It prevents fights between people. You can do whatever you want with the cross unitl you do it in your home. Size and colour will be adjusted to customers preferences.

Girl on the cross is not avalible. She is just an element of arrangement presented by The Krasnals.

Every single cross is one and only work of contemporary art. We add a certificate of authenticity.

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