Jun 25, 2014

"The Battle of Grunwald/Ship of Fools" at Reszel Castle till 30.08.2014

"The Battle of Grunwald/Ship of Fools" is no more than an artistic work of fiction. The picture is a light and accessible creation, portraying the events and characters of contemporary Polish history, in an international context. They are little more than cartoons with a sense of humor in the genre of ‘South Park’. The concept of ‘Polish Civil War’ should be taken with a pinch of salt."
We received the art monthly Arteon 2013 Award for this painting.

However it provoked big controversy and protest from the All-Poland Committee Against Sects And Violence. Now the case is in Polish court.

Whole info on separate page about this painting: http://bitwa-podgrunwaldem.blogspot.com/

Since two years we have been tring to show "Battle" to the audience. Despite this fact we were met with a refusal everytime we have tried. All public institutions refuse us because they are afraid of scandal. The Warsaw National Museum director was intrested but program comittee didn't agree unanimously. Currently we have our third exhibition of this artwork, after receiving the award from Arteon art monthly. We are waiting for another places of exhibit, as we plan this painting to visit as much places in Poland as possible, so that every Pole has the possibility to see it - the painting showing the actual condition of his country. This refers also to the original painting of Matejko, which bought by banker Rosenblum travelled not only in Poland but also in main cities in Europe.

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