May 13, 2014

ACHTUNG ! New Generation of NAZI WARRIORS - " We are unstoppable "

The Krasnals . Whielki Krasnal "New Nazi Warrior / Infanta Conchita / Eurovision 2014/ from the series ' Beauty in Art'" 2014. Oil on canvas. 90 x 60 cm

 ACHTUNG ! New Generation of NAZI WARRIORS - " We are unstoppable "

The new face of dictatorship - GENDER tramples over people to get to the target. Whatever competition it was, quality has nothing to do with it. A gay, transvestite or a lesbian must win it. Once again the freedom of art is violated by reducing it to the lowest level of propaganda. People who vote are treated like cattle, the necessary black mass , being lied to that their voices have any meaning. And the competition has nothing in common with democratic principles.

As this goes on like this, we will not wait long for another Hitler, or at least Bravick.

The triumph of Conchita Wurst has nothing to do with tolerance (drag queen is not a new occurrence), but above all with the degradation of the intellectual value. The fascination of pathetic kitsch in poor execution wins, combined with the use of another opportunity for media to make provocation of gender policy and rolling another political battle. We just observe once again perfidious , instrumental treatment of art.

Culture has always been a sign of the times, and always leaves its traces . Do we face a change in the canon of beauty ? There was already Mona Lisa, then Marilyn Monroe - and now are we ready to canon of Conchita's dominance? If so, be careful on the opposite pole . History likes to repeat itself. The same country gives birth to twins - Hitler and Conchita .

Where is the line between tolerance and dictatorship ? Let us remember what Hitler did having one nucleus , and this person has real two.
One must admit Wurst – that he played the show brilliantly, perfectly executed his political task.

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