Apr 20, 2014

"Battle of Grunwald / Ship of Fools"

The Krasnals "Battle of Grunwald / Ship of Fools". 2012. Oil on canvas. 430 x 990 cm

"The Battle of Grunwald/Ship of Fools’ is no more than an artistic work of fiction. The picture is a light and accessible creation, portraying the events and characters of contemporary Polish history, in an international context. They are little more than cartoons with a sense of humor in the genre of ‘South Park’. The concept of ‘Polish Civil War’ should be taken with a pinch of salt."
We received the art monthly Arteon 2013 Award for this painting.

However it provoked big controversy and protest from the All-Poland Committee Against Sects And Violence. Now the case is in Polish court.

website dedicated to the painting:



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