Apr 1, 2012

The Krasnals' 4th birthday/ STOP Violence, be Politicaly Correct!

NOT for aggressive GOATS - symbol of Poznan city!

We demand, Goats in its present form must be removed!
Poznan dazzles hate and aggression by promoting fighting goats. This causes racism, antysmithizm, ageism, homophony, pedophilia, drwarvesphony, nationalism, fascism, communism, fundamentalism, Catholicism and this in turn provokes arms and drug trafficking, prostitution , terrorism, dubbing bombs in schools, inhumane treatment of animals and women, the lack of empowerment of women, to extend the retirement age, to censor the Internet, to fight fans, for cronyism, for embezzlement, the intense conflict in the Middle East, to organize illegal dogs and roosters fight and to non-organic behavior. This in turn causes the exclusion of various sorts, lack of water in the Sudan and AIDS. This heats the hate between countrymen where some people stand on the left, others on the right side, and so this aggression lasts for generations. Goats perpetuate this infamous formula.
Ladies and gentlemen! Please just think, how our city has to attracted tourists while promotes violence! We propose to create a new logo that will symbolize love, respect and tolerance. We can organize the competition. The closing date for submissions is until April 5. Please send draft of the goats presented in a modern and friendly for environment way. Then our independent jury will select the undisputed winner.
We want to point out that the authorities did not criticize the city of Poznan completely, because they have already conducted many meritorious actions and made ​​many wonderful initiatives. We approve removal of Peter and Paul crest form Poznan's trams. Now we call for the removal of goats. We also call on the turn to eliminate the rural elements which, like the goats are associated with backwardness and poverty that is, ladybug, frog, tongue, and mole. Poznan should be a modern city that puts mainly on sports and cultural animals like dogs, which are able to call "Poznan how-how (bow bow)". Poznan has to be a star among Polish cities, and not backward shithole.

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