Mar 15, 2012

Baby Skull

The Krasnals "Untitled / Tribute to Damien Hirst". 2011. Oil on hardboard. 60 x 55 cm

We already have a donor from Africa and now we are urgently looking for Bloody Diamonds sponsors !

Bloomberg: How do you respond to U.K. newspapers who said the skull is offensive to
those who have suffered the bereavement of a child?
Hirst: We’re all used to seeing skulls. Everybody dies. For me the skull’s not really about
death, it’s a celebration of life. I don’t think it’s shocking at all, it’s beautiful, it creates
wonder. The skull of a child looks like the tectonic plates in the earth and it’s like a
microcosm of something big, it’s like looking at the earth from space. If you’ve recently
lost a child you might be thinking about something like that but that’s very personal. I’ve
got three children myself.
Bloomberg: What about the prices of your work?
Hirst: The prices are reasonable. They’re a little bit cheaper than they were before the
recession. We’re in the business of selling art and we want people to be able to buy it
and be able to feel they’re getting a fair price as well.
"Damien, you’ve got to be sure that you’re using the money to chase the art, and not the art to chase the money"

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