Feb 1, 2011


The Krasnals. "Please...! Take me back to EGYPT! / Nefertiti". 2011. Stencil, canvas. 21 x 15 cm

Nefertiti, Neues Museum, Museum Island Berlin, Hosini Mubarak, Egypt revolution

The Krasnals exclusive interview with the queen NEFERTITI

Ready for leadership
For Nefertiti, it is a chance to shake off her image as an elitist who is out of touch after years of being abroad.
Speaking to The Krasnals reporter still being held in Neue Museum in Berlin, Nefertiti said:

“This is a critical time in the life of Egypt and I have to come to participate with the Egyptian people,"
"If people, in particular young people, ... want me to lead the transition, I will not let them down. My priority right now ... is to see a new regime and to see a new Egypt through peaceful transition."

"We're still reaching out to the regime to work with them for the process of change. Every Egyptian doesn't want to see the country going into violence," she said. "Our hand is outstretched."

"I wish that we didn't have to go to the streets to impress on the regime that they need to change," queen Nefertiti said. "There is no going back. I hope the regime stops the violence, stops detaining people, stops torturing people."

We asked Egyptians why the presence of Nefertiti is so important for them now:
"We need our beloved Queen Nefertiti to lead us to the change we want, for the regime to fall and Mubarak to leave and for a new, free Egypt to be born!"


Egyptian Antiquities in Peril; Troops Guard Museum

That breach, on Friday night, galvanized a contingent of impassioned defenders who have pledged to keep plunderers at bay. Some have been outside the museum since word of the first attack, determined to protect the country’s cultural patrimony.

“It’s the heart of our civilization,” said thirty-two-year-old Ali Said, perspiring in the noonday heat as he stood guard outside the museum Tuesday, arms linked with those of men standing beside him. “And it’s not just for us; it belongs to the entire world.”

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