Oct 23, 2009

MTV The Krasnals - Mission Impossible


The Krasnals - The Kings – MTV Kitch-Pop Channel

This video clip officially opens our music channel, which will show hits - music videos in a unique edition of The Krasnals - The Kings. Here comes the long-awaited joyous era of kitsch-pop art, which will finally break hated by a large audience Polish sphere of gray, boring, over intellectual art, all of this great Polish Art Shit, which we The Krasnals definitely are opposed.

For the purposes of this era, we will use our new logo which is inspired by Michael Jackson - our guru of pop and kitsch.

It is no coincidence that we start our TV station at the beginning of the autumn-winter season, because our music videos are recommended during that period when the depression comes by autumn-winter. We hope to contribute to a reduction of suicide statistics at that time. And that is precisely the social aspect of art involved in our new project. Depression is one of the major problems of our nation and we want to address it.

The video contains dramatic scenes that are not recommended for people under 18 years of age. If you are under 18 years old, you must not come here because it could badly affect the meticulously created by the different education systems your system of values!

Side effects: - Possible inappropriate behavior with respect to the surrounding reality, intolerable environment, which may cause that you want to become an artist or think you're krasnale (schizophrenia)

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