Sep 14, 2008

Wow! How NICELY is here / Georgia 2008

Whielki Krasnal "Wow! How NICELY is here! / Georgia 2008". 2008. Oil on canvas. 40 x 55 cm

Based on the frame from the video "Wow! How NICELY is here! / Georgia 2008" realized by The Krasnals in September 2008 by The Krasnals in Georgia.
We all watch the hot news about Georgia. Polish position is defined.
For us the situation in Georgia is particularly close. In September 2008
we realized the video which was the inspiration for the painting of
Whielki Krasnal "Wow! How NICELY is here! / Georgia 2008". We can't see
there bloody victims of the attack of Russian tanks. However in the
overtone and in the context of all the news about this difficult, tensed
up situation, the tragedy is present.



  1. very suggestive! Incredible painting. We see some fascinating and exotic beauty but we know about other facts, hidden in the painting.

  2. That dog is terrible!

  3. wtf?! which dog?

  4. the dog on the right

  5. Very good indeed.
    Behind, of course, is fear, blood and opression. In my country we know that very well, and still, our President did not join the support group that went to Georgia right after the military action. I was very proud to see the Polish and all Baltic republics there.
    Meanwhile, in Bulgaria is the year of Russian culture (true that a few calssical ballet evenings are easier to support than soviet tanks). Now, why Germany and France keep on flirting with the Bear? And why the new country members of the EU can not push the Union into more radical position?

    The only thing that keeps me sane is that Russia at $ 65 per barrel is not Russia at $150 per barrel. Hope they will have less money to muscle around.