May 15, 2008

Christie’s estimated the painting of Whielki Krasnal at 50-70,000 GBP

Auction house Christie’s estimated the painting of Whielki Krasnal “Untitled (Group of Monkeys with White Bananas)” at 50-70,000 GBP. This work is the answer for the painting of Wilhelm Sasnal “Untitled (Group of Monkeys with White Margins)”.
Krasnal or Sasnal, important is that he painted monkeys the way accepted by critics and auction houses. The painting must be old enough as well. If it is rejected because of the date of creation, you have to offer the older one. A collector who will come to buy the painting must be certain that he acquires the masterpiece. If the painting with monkeys, of a very known artist, was sold before at the auction for several dozen thousands pounds, why not to offer similar one of unknown artist but with pleasant to ear name Whielki Krasnal with similar estimate?
The action of The Krasnals uncovers the art market mechanisms and ridicules schematic thinking of critics. Hardly nobody could imagine that the serious auction house can work so unprofessionally. We are already accustomed with the lack of professionalism among critics, institutions dealing with art promotion, galleries or even artists, but we were certain that the auction house wouldn’t allow itself to get into this provocation.
Once again we could ascertain that the art market is ruled by protectionism and bargains. The art by itself is much less important. Unfortunately we can’t either count on consumers, as they are motivated by the creators of trends who take huge profits from the sells of promoted artists, just average quite often.
For young and talented artists, who use their rich imagine and manual abilities trained by years – not projectors to make copies of internet on canvases, this situation means that they are conditioned to marketing and protectors, not competent, reliable attitude to their work.

Whielki Krasnal “Untitled (Group of Monkeys with White Bananas)” . 2004. Oil on canvas. 50 x 50 cm

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  1. What will you suggest, a flat rate for all painters of a certain skill?